Thought Bubbles

It’s been a while since I updated, but I think I summarised it best to someone I met at Leeds this weekend: “I only want to update when I have something to say”.

The second issue of my comic is done, and made it’s debut at Thoughtbubble to some very positive comments and even a decent number of sales. Thanks to anyone who bought it or took a card with the promise to check it out. These words shame you if you don’t, however, as you would have had to type in the address off the card to see them… you’re alright.

You can read it here

From now towards the end of the year I’ll be writing the third issue so that I may start working on it in the new year when it’s really cold outside and I’ll have no distractions. Art wise I’ll probably be doing some more fun drawings as I feel like I want to try something different.


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