It’s important to update a website such as this, but it’s been a rather busy two months so I will forgive myself.

The Templars comic.



The comic is coming along fairly well. Slowly as always but I should have the first issue finished in a month or two. I’ve learned a lot so far about the importance of workflows and keeping records of all the details. I recently finished re-writing issue two and I’m super excited to move along to it as it’s more like the comic I want this to be, whereas the first issue has a lot of uncertainty in tone. Anyway.


I went to Thailand for about 3 weeks. It was awesome and I really want to return for a little longer. Great food, warm, friendly people, and a great visual flair everywhere.

New Year

It creeps up on you like a slow panther. When it arrives it can be quite exciting but also worrying. 2013 has been a fairly mixed bag for me, a year is a long length of time so I won’t state the obvious and say “I’ve had ups and downs”. I’ll just say that in 2014 I am going to try my hardest to overcome anything that stands in my way. I will try to have more fun so that I don’t spend as much time in a sort of “mid level” between being satisfied enough to get on with doing some work and not satisfied enough so that I am constantly driven to distraction.

When we look at the future we always fear Orwell, but maybe Huxley was right.

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