Monthly Archives: November 2014

Leeds Thought Bubble

Since I’ll be giving out the address to this site at Leeds Thought Bubble I thought it’d be a good idea to actually update!

The last five or so months have been interesting. I’m currently working in a London publishing company which is great so far and has taught me a lot about the process and standard expected from a publication, skills I’m planning to take forward with my personal work!

I proof read and updated my comic’s first chapter. I’m starting to get a buzz about doing it again and I printed off fifty to take to Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend. Barring a few oversights (I mercifully managed to work around) I’m pretty confident in it. Seeing it in my hands and printed makes it feel much more special.

Starting next week, I’m going to push on with the mini chapter whilst furthering work on Chapter 2. Assuming this week goes well and I garner a few followers I’ll feel obligated to get the chapters out at a much faster rate and with less long standing mistakes.

Because there were, and probably still are, a few mistakes that I just didn’t see. I think there’s a certain allowance in a first time indie comic though. I’ll be signing and numbering the 50 I’m taking to Thought Bubble, warts and all.