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Messing with Unreal Engine

Unreal 3 Lighting

So I heard they’re making a new Unreal Tournament (4) and the news prompted me to download the (free) Unreal Development Kit and play around with it. This is the old Unreal Engine which was release in 2006 or so and which so many games are based off. I was playing around with the lighting so I made a quick internal scene to try and make something pretty. Since I don’t have Unreal Tournament 3 installed, I was very limited when it came to the art assets available. I do however own Chivalry which runs on the Unreal Engine, so I’m busy making a pretty medieval map on that which will be released some day once I’ve got the KISMET working flawlessly (right now the points awarding is a bit sporadic). I’d like to play with UE4 but it’s $19/mo, great value if you’re a serious developer but not so much for someone like me who just wants to mess around.

Also for fun I made a similar sized scene in Unreal Engine 2 (which is now 12 years old!). You can still get some really pretty lighting in it though:


The end goal for all this is that I’m creating a lighting reel (since people said I had a knack for it) and since Unreal Engine is used in so many games and it was something new to challenge myself with learning (since I’d only previously toyed with the UT2004 editor). I also learnt a bit of the gameplay flow system (Kismet) but that’s just gameplay flowcharts and stuff so it’s not too interesting to show on what is essentially an art blog.

Issue 1 is Available to Read!

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