Monthly Archives: July 2013

If you’re reading this…

It means you’ve been linked to my website. I will try and account for all visitors I might get:


You’ve stumbled upon the work in progress website of a potentially amazing employee. I am well spoken, versatile, talented, young(ish) and easy on the eyes* to boot.

I’d be a valuable addition to your team of designers, writers, artists, secret agents or coffee boys. Furthermore I am 6’5, so if you don’t hire me for my skills, I make a handy guide for door height regulation compliance.


There’s nothing for you here, I’ve already shown you everything I’ve made. Clear off, you nosey gits.


Are you proud of me yet? Please be proud of me… I’ve got like, loads of cool stuff in the works… honest.


This is your site. Update it more often. Remember to feed the dog. You’re gonna be okay.

 *Results may vary.

Welcome to my site.

It’s currently a work in progress. I’ll get some good things up here soon.


Currently I am working on a 3D Comedy Short and my eternal comic project. This site is something new and I am not good at website so I used WordPress like everyone else!